West Bloomfield Limos Pricing Policies

We at West Bloomfield Limos want to give you accurate and effective pricing for your event. Please contact one of our professional booking agents for the best possible pricing. It is helpful to have on hand

  • Date you will require service
  • Number of passengers anticipated
  • City you'll need to be picked up in
  • What time you'd like us to pick you up

We can't publish our pricing here because we operate on a scale for our pricing computations. Our pricing is based on a type of "fixed profit" scale where we adjust our pricing relative to our operating costs. So when our costs go up, in order to maintain our level of profitability, we adjust our costs to compensate. Likewise, when our costs go down, we will subsequently reduce our costs. This allows us to give you the best value at any given time. See Milwaukee Party Bus Prices or Ft Myers Party Bus Prices if we don't offer what you want.

28 Passenger Limo Bus
30 Passenger Limo Bus
34 Passenger Limo Bus